Evolution has stopped for the human race. Or has it? Manufactured or Assisted Evolution has taken the place of mutation and natural selection. We now have parts of our sensory intake that are extracorporeal. The Internet of Things has become ubiquitous and our means of interacting with the world and communicating with the people in our daily lives has transformed. 
Our phones are now a part of us. We have a sense of them at all times. Whether through haptic feedback in our pockets, or the anxiety we have when their battery dies, we’re intrinsically connected to a machine that has become part of us. 
So what happens to identity (iDentity - might be a good title) when so much of our daily interaction is via our devices? What does it mean to look in someone’s eyes if it’s just their profile picture? How do we determine who we love, who we trust, who we despise? How much is lost behind the screen that barricades us from human interaction. 
On the other-hand, what advantages have we gained and utilized? The tools that the newest amongst us on this planet today have at hand will change the way our societies work economically, politically (just look at Trump and his Twitter usage), sexually/romantically, and in many other unforeseen ways. 
Enter the PHONEHEADs. These entities embody the Indigo Children of the modern age. Affixed with portals directly to their digital selves right on their faces, these beings communicate entirely through app- based interactions. Their soul is in somewhere between the blood in their veins, the neurological synapses in their brain tissue, and the silicon-based electrical signals outputting through their Eye-Phones. 

Infinitely Connected – Forever Isolated – A Reflection of Ourselves
Animations by Skylar Silva 
Concept Art & Illustration by Gage LM Seber 
Video production by Gage LM Seber & Skylar Silva 
Original Score by Gage LM Seber
 ©2021 LukeMilo Design & OVR THR ART

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