I’m all in on this creation of video to accompany (and give motivation to) my love of music production and messing around in my home recording studio with my melody-capable toys. During our weird/wired/woah man times indoors I’ve found making music to be utterly comforting/challenging(inagoodway) and an excuse to make my wife use her beautiful signing voice which otherwise goes under utilized and appreciated. 
So happy day––––––videos to go along with music makes people acutally listen to your work as they too can be captivated by your visual creations and click on things on a screen which people also do often sometimes occasionally when scrolling through the Tube of You. It is now time again to pair some vid vid video (sut sut studio) with some mu mu musica! And I’m all for it. 
For this go around, I have recreated (covered) a tune by the aural psynapse, fauna-based supergroup, Animal Collective and produced a pretty cool and unique version of the song [MY GIRLS]....>>>>

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