I love music. I'm entangled in its web. Each day I search for, collect, and create music. I often don't have a goal in mind, or a reason to create it, I just love it & can't live without it. I'm a musician. I play guitar, bass guitar, piano, percussion, and a few other random odd instruments like the melodica, the steal pan, and the dulcimer. I am also infatuated with electronic production. I love synthesis and engineering sound. I am always learning and by no means a professional. Years ago I was a member of an electronic duo group called NITEPPL (Pronounced Night People). My colleague, Alton San Giovanni and I were based in San Francisco, CA and signed to the label Our House Records. We put out one record [CULT], and several E.P.s & Singles together before parting ways in 2013. I'll link to his continuation of the project's spotify in my blog page. Check it out, and check out my random collection of sounds below!