My wife and I were passionate about our take on this hauntingly beautiful duet. Traditionally Thom Yorke (Writer and composer of the original song) uses looping to achieve the vocal round elements of the song. We however, love to sing together and resonate off each other's unique voices and pitches. 
I hope you enjoy! 

Video Credits: 
Directed By – Gage LM Seber 
Edited By – Gage LM Seber 
Produced By - Iyshwerya Seber 
Staring – Gage LM Seber & Iyshwerya Seber 
Song Credits: Lyrics By – Thom Yorke Composition By – Thom Yorke & Johnny Greenwood 
Performed By – Gage LM Seber & Iyshwerya Seber [All Mod Cons] 
Guitar & Synths – Gage LM Seber 
Vocals – Gage LM Seber & Iyshwerya Seber

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