Here is a board I throw thoughts at and see what sticks. I love to write, to journal, to ponder, to speculate, to reminisce however, I find that often the short-form of social media leaves much less room for thoughtful, considered, discourse. This blog, of sorts, will feature retrospectives, reviews, journals, random thoughts, and some potential rants. I may also feature links to other artists sites, cool articles, and general internet exploration.

So please take some time to skip around and read what you like. This will be a visual and written playground and hopefully inspire some contemplation and invite you to gain some insight on the working of my mind and my current/past interests.

Have fun!  
Mix It Up w/ Veranda Social
My wife has been brewing up this mixology series for her events management and production company, Veranda Social. The COVID19 pandemic has made in-person events nearly impossible for about a year's time. Still yearning to bring people together and wanting to promote our local bar/foodie scene, she dreamed up a cocktail mixing class video series entitled 'Mix It Up'. I've aided in the video editing, helping her complete the footage she directs as well as helping her nail the look and feel of the video series. So far, we're just beginning to nail the vibe. We're in the experiment stage currently, but with each video we're beginning to feel it all come together. We'd love if you gave them a watch and left any feedback in the YT comments. Cheers, and here's to creating during this strange time! #StaySocial #VerandaSocial  
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